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Our Culture and Values

Our Culture and Values, Freedom and Inspiration to Thrive

Omega Notes strives to build a culture where our employees have the freedom and inspiration to thrive. We have a fundamental belief in our team and the potential they possess. As such, we actively pursue a company structure which encourages people to demonstrate independent decision-making while openly sharing information with management and each other. We maintain a work environment where everyone is contributing to the company’s greater good so no one feels other team members are not pulling their weight.

'We exist to connect people with the knowledge they need, when they need it. In Higher Education that is social learning to engage and retain students. In Corporate environments that is collaborative knowledge sharing built for the flow of work. Regardless of the market one thing remains clear, the best learning outcomes are achieved together.'

Drew Lang, Omega Notes CEO

What We Expect


We look for people who passionately pursue their goals in spite of the daily challenges they may face. We all inspire each other to be more creative, more productive, and ultimately more successful.

Pioneering Spirit

Are you an independent decision maker? Someone who’s not afraid to take initiative? We aim to have a company of self-disciplined people who discover and fix issues without being told to do so. No one should ever think, “That’s not my job.”

Strive for Success

To continue our success we need to expect the best from everyone. We’re in this together, we all care intensely about our team members and success. You can rely on your colleagues and they expect the same from you.

Earnest Attitude

We want sincere people who are not afraid to be honest with their supervisors or their peers in a way that respects the team. We treat our colleagues and customers with respect and humility. Silent disagreement is unproductive. Let us know your thoughts!

What You Can Expect

Enjoyable Work Environment

In order to be successful at work, we need to enjoy ourselves. We promote a fun, collaborative working environment. We create conditions where people love being here for the great work and competitive pay.

Inspiration From Everyone

We foster a management style which exemplifies what we expect from our team and empowers them through effective leadership. We celebrate our victories without losing our drive to improve, and reflect on our defeats without losing vigor to achieve our goals.

Engaging Atmosphere

We offer a work environment where you feel like you’re part of the company’s success and mission. Never be afraid to contribute outside of your specialty, brilliant ideas come from unexpected places. Best of all, we measure success based on results, not grueling long hours and weekend shifts.

Expectations of Expansion

We’re constantly evolving and growing while setting new ambitious goals for ourselves. No one day is the same. We seek to grow the business for bigger impact while retaining the flexibility and agility of a small firm.

Ready to Start Your New Career?

Our culture guides us in everything we do, from how we prioritize our objectives and make decisions to how we measure our success. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to work with smart, curious, and kind people committed to doing good in the world.

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