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Omega Notes Knowledge Platform, Increase Productivity

Knowledge is being created constantly but how much of that is being captured and shared? Yet, how often are you being asked the same questions over and over again? We take a holistic approach to knowledge management to connect people with the information they need when they need it.


Get reps to quota faster and turn average perfomers into top performers without disrupting the flow of work. Stay on top of new product releases, market feedback, and internal developments with knowledge management.

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Ensure faster onboarding and efficient offboarding by capturing and sharing your company’s tacit knowledge. Foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing to maximize employee and company performance regardless of the work environment.

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Risk Management

Consolidate all of your Standard Operating Procedures, policies and knowledge into Omega Notes to ensure all employees have access to the knowledge they need to mitigate business risk.

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90% of On the Job Knowledge comes from Experience and Collaboration

Formal training makes up only 10% of job knowledge. 90% of job knowledge is informal, unstructured and often undocumented. Omega Notes’ social approach to knowledge management builds communities documenting and sharing this tribal knowledge without disrupting employee workflow.

Share Your Job Knowledge, Informal, Effective Sharing
The Playbook of Business

Your company is a team. Like any good team, your employees have diverse experiences and knowledge working towards a common goal. Whatever the goal may be, we enable your teams to build their own Playbooks of Business to connect teammates with the knowledge they need when they need it.

Collect And Share Knowledge Faster With Omega Notes
Easy Integration Of New Tools, Zoom, Slack Calendly

Integrations Aplenty

Whatever tools you use, we make it easy to bring Omega into the flow of work.

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