Know More, Worry Less

Drive Standard Operating Procedure Compliance
QR Code Reader, SOPs Compliance, Easy to Share

We make it easy to document and share SOPs throughout an organization. Employees can easily view, discuss or ask questions about the procedures. Plus, tools like our QR code reader bring knowledge to the moment of need.

Eliminate Knowledge Gaps
Our Culture and Values, Freedom and Inspiration to Thrive

Knowledge gaps are pervasive throughout organizations and often people do not know what they don’t know until it is too late. With our social media like approach to learning and knowledge sharing, we make it easy and fun for employees to be continuously learning.

Prevent Knowledge Walking Out The Door

What would happen to your organization if one of your managers won the lottery? The cost of finding and training a replacement is about one third of the employee’s annual earnings. Since Omega Notes is constantly collecting and documenting business know how, unexpected staffing changes do not need to slow you down.

Unexpected Staff Change, Nothing to Worry, Collaborate
Student Focused, Innovative, Affordable

Knowledge Sharing in the Flow of Work

We connect people with knowledge wherever they are: in the office, at home or even in the field. Our constantly growing list of integrations ensures Omega Notes is always where you are. Plus, our mobile friendly platform includes a proprietary QR code scanner making it easy to scan an object, learn everything about the object and verify that learning occurred.

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