About Us

Connecting People with Knoweldge

What is Omega Notes?

At Omega Notes, we believe that the best learning outcomes occur when people learn together. We connect people with the knowledge they need when they need it. We offer services for Corporations and Higher Education.

Our Knowledge Management platform brings learning into the flow of work to connect employees with the information they need when they need it. By taking a collaborative approach to knowledge management employees can learn from one another and achieve optimum productivity faster while managers can spend less time managing. Whether the need is to quickly onboard new hires, coach existing members or capture knowledge before it walks out the door, Omega Notes can help.

For Higher Education, we connect students who need help with those that can provide help. Since our founding as a collaborative note sharing environment, we have expanded by taking what we learned from students and developing a platform built upon the research of Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE). Through this mission, we created the world’s first Collaborative Learning System to bridge the gap between a Learning Management System and a Content Management System while simultaneously offering features never before seen in the Ed Tech industry.